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5 FRAME NUC (Nucleus Colony)

5 FRAME NUC (Nucleus Colony)

5 Deep Frame NUC (nucleus colony) of local Southern Ohio (Jackson & Gallia County) honeybees from our farm. These bees will have either an overwintered queen or will be queened with a local queen grafted from our personal yards. 


Our NUC's will be vigerous and contain all stages of brood (4 frames) and 1 frame of food (Honey & Pollen). Queens will be of various genetics, many coming from feral colonies that have been trapped and used in  our yards for over a decade. We have spent several years grafting from queens that have the best qualities. We strive to produce queens that are super hygenic, docile, productive, and less likely to swarm while being frugal during winter months. We have imported New World Carniolian Queens from Sue Cobey stock into our yards. Our NWC queens were purchased from Strachan Apiaries in Yuba City, California.


 Two pickup times will be availiable. First will be Saturday APRIL 27, 2024 and the 2nd pickup in May (exact date TBD). Please call Corey direct with any questions. (740)988-8860.

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