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Proud to be YOUR DEALER!

Precious Stone Honey & Supply is proud to be Southern Ohio's EXCLUSIVE dealer of Kelley Beekeeping & Mann Lake Products! This partnership will allow us to bring to you the finest beekeeping supplies in the nation. We believe that the reputation behind the legacy of Walter T. Kelley and Mann Lake speaks for itself. Often times rural America gets left out of the big picture and we know how it feels! We are honored to bring the convenience of Kelley and Mann Lake to your door. Any product that Mann Lake or Kelley carries in their catalog or online can be ordered from us. If you don't see what you are looking for, simply drop us a line (740) 988-8860 or send an email,, we'd be glad to help! We truly are looking forward to serving the local beekeeper! As always, be sure to "Keep Your Veil Strings Tight!"

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